Spring Updates For The Exterior Of Your Home

Tune ups and yearly health examinations shouldn’t be left to cars and humans. After several long winter months our homes are in need of maintenance.

Spring is the perfect time to perform a checklist around your home as the weather is warming, life is emerging and a once over to ensure your home is in perfect running order is crucial.

Below is a quick home spring checklist to review each year; your home will thank you for years to come.

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Roofing, Gutters and Downspouts

If water does not have a way to flow from the house it will find a way in which to enter the home which will damage the homes structure. It is crucial that the gutters and downspouts are all clear and direct the water away from the home.

Check the roofing, both shingles roofing and metal roofing. Any missing or damaged roofing should be repaired. Most homeowners don’t know what to look for when it comes to roofing damage.

Once a year it is highly recommended to have a roofing contractor out to inspect the roof, gutters and flashing.

Professional roofing contractors can spot areas of inefficiency within your roof, susceptible areas of leakage and can offer immediate help to prevent further damage. http://underthesite.net/decorate-home-chandeliers/

Chimney Checkup

It is important that your chimney is inspected often to prevent build up. A chimney sweep should be called in when any amount of build up is seen to help prevent possible fires. Both active and decorative chimneys should be inspected.


Check the flue and cap for cracks and leaks. Any and all damage should be repaired before the chimney is used again if damage is noticed. http://www.homes-cool.com/interior-design-ideas-of-luxury-living-rooms.htm

Exterior Brickwork, Stucco and Siding

The face of your home can consist of a variety of materials from wood, aluminum, vinyl, brick or stucco. If the area has chips, cracks or is damaged in anyway the elements can seep in damaging the homes structure.

Check for any deterioration. If you should discover any areas were water can penetrate it is important that the area be properly repaired to prevent further damage from occurring.


Inspect the Heating and Air Conditioning Units

All units should be cleaned and filters changed. This will help to preserve the quality of the indoor air and to keep units running more efficiently throughout the year. It is also important that the duct work within your home is cleaned regularly.

This will prevent a buildup of dust and allergens. As a reminder the batteries should be changed in all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home as a safety precaution.

Prune Landscape Around the Base of the Home

This is the same concept that surrounds the gutters and roof. The idea is to prevent water from being able to build up around the homes foundation. Keeping the base and structure free of moisture will help to ensure a dry base.


All plants, shrubbery and landscaping in a manner that prevents soil erosion. Plant them on a negative grade to create a flow of water away from the house.


Attic and Installation Maintenance

The attic is important and needs to be properly vented. All attic vents should be checked for obstructions, soffit panel damage repaired, flashing leaks managed and wet spots on insulation removed and replaced.

Good airflow within the attic will save you money when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Be sure to wear long sleeves and gloves when rooting around within the attic. Insulation is a material that is not easy to work with.

Prevention is a key element when it comes to the maintenance around your home. Maintenance is far less expensive than replacement when it comes to the majority of issues that arise within your home.

Repairing small items as they arise will keep your homes upkeep affordable and easy to manage.

How Bathrooms Can Benefit from Radiant Heating

When people walk into their bathrooms in the morning, they want to take a nice relaxing shower that helps motivate them to continue their day.

One element that won’t make them want to get ready in the morning is a cold floor that meets their bare feet as they walk into the shower and step out.

Thankfully, homeowners can avoid cold floors and other bathroom items in the morning, making them as comfortable as the warm water that stimulates them.

heated ceramic bathroom floor

Choose from Different Radiant Heating Options

A single person uses the bathroom around 2,500 times a year on average, but it doesn’t often receive the attention it needs. As bathrooms continue to expand in size, more homeowners are finding ways to improve them, including making them more comfortable altogether. https://heatedbathroomfloor.wordpress.com/resources/

Radiant heating products can help bathrooms in several ways. Heated floors, towel racks, and mirror defoggers are some of the radiant heating products available to make the bathroom better than ever.

These products can make the bathroom as much of a haven as the bedroom, with the same comfort level. You can also control complete radiant heating systems with an easy-to-use programmable thermostat.

Get Rid of the Pain of Cold Floors in the Morning

It’s never fun to wake up in the mornings, getting away from the comfort of your warm blanket only to walk across cool floor tiles that send shivers up your spine. Homeowners may actually find mornings enjoyable if they can wake up to a warm floor, warm towels and a fogless mirror that makes getting ready much less of a hassle.

bathroom heated floor

The winter months can be particularly tough, but with warm floors with radiant heating installed, homeowners don’t have to be bothered with the outdoors coming inside. The winter can be the same as any other season with radiant heating products.

If you want to have radiant flooring or other radiant heating products in your home, contact trained experts who can make installation painless and quick. You can have a comfortable home in no time with a radiant heated bathroom or other room in the home today.